Tony Robbins Business Mastery Netherlands

Business Mastery Rotterdam Netherlands 2018

A 5 Day Live Training Seminar With Tony Robbins and Other Brightest Business Minds In The World At Business Mastery 2018 Event in Rotterdam, Netherlands

By learning and applying the cutting-edge strategies at Business Mastery seminar, you can expect to grow your business up to 100% in the next 12 months! Here’s a short preview of what this event is about:

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Tony Robbins Business Mastery Netherlands

What is Business Mastery Seminar?

Business Mastery is a 5 day live training event taught by Anthony Robbins and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business coaches such as Keith J. Cunningham, Scott Klososky, David Meerman Scott and Jay Abraham. Here is what you will learn:

Day 1: Create an Effective Business Map

Your traditional business plan might not work as you expected because the world today is changing extremely fast. The level of disruption in business has never been so high. To achieve your goal, you need a map to guide you to where you want to be from where you are right now. Why a map? Because it gives you a high level of flexibility on anticipation to the changes ahead. When you can anticipate to the changing world, you put yourself in a better position to win.

Day 2: Constant Strategic Innovation and Marketing

Understanding the customer’s needs, values and who they are will help you make your innovation and marketing process more strategic which then helps you add more values to the customers and increase your profitability. Marketing in the world today is no longer just about advertising. It’s about value-add marketing. As a business owner, you need to find the intangible value that goes beyond what your customers can measure and expect. It’s about meeting your customer’s needs and doing more for them than any other competitors in your industry.

Day 3: Sales Mastery Systems and Legal and Financial Analysis

It’s hard to find great salespeople but on this day, you will learn how to find exceptional salespeople, how to inspire and lead them so they can become a powerful sales force for your business.

Day 4: Business Optimisation and Maximisation

If you are smart at deploying your resources and optimize your business with micro-improvements, you can create a geometric growth in your business without the extra requirement on marketing investment.

Day 5: Create Raving Fan Customers

How do you make your customers loyal to your business? It’s by understanding and fulfilling the deepest needs and wants of your customers consistently. The more value you add to their lives and their experiences, the more they want to promote your business for you and the easier for you to dominate your niche.

As Tony explains, 80% of success is the psychology of the entrepreneur and 20% is mechanics. You must overcome your individual psychological blocks and utilize your resources to help you accomplish your business goals.

Dates and Venue

Dates: 17-21 June 2018

Location: Rotterdam Ahoy Ahoyweg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands Hall 3

Tickets and Registration

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Note: This 2018 Business Mastery event will be held in Rotterdam, NOT in Amsterdam or London like the previous years.